Women’s spaces

Women's spaces

According to the website of the Barcelona City Council (2018), there are 241 registered women’s organizations in the city and the districts with a greater presence of organizations are Ciutat Vella and l’Eixample, with 61 and 56 associations respectively. The diversity is very great, there are recently created entities and others that have a long history. In general, they are spaces where you want to work for equality between women and men in all areas of life and against sexist violence and any type of discrimination. So the topics are very diverse and, among others, they go through the defense of women’s human rights, empowerment in any area, visibility in society, greater presence in decision-making bodies and in the economic and political spheres , cultural and social.

Regarding the type of organizations, there are those that provide training, awareness, support, advocacy, service provision… As we can see, the women’s associative movement in the city is very diverse and they represent an extraordinary potential of the associative movement that channels demands for rights, interests and contributions from different and multiple perspectives. For this reason, it is necessary to value this human capital, which contributes to the construction of a fairer and more equal society, turning them into agents of change.

We have adopted the motto of the 2006 feminist conference “Women know how to do and let us know”. For this reason, this space aims to become a place to weave complicity between the different entities and women’s associations. A space of its own, emulating Virginia Wolf, where to show the diversity of women.